Nifty Island


The holders of these legendary items are said to be guardians and creators of Nifty Island. Some of these relics were granted to Nifty Island's founding community members. Others were earned through a series of challenges. Some have since been acquired through other means, passed on from those who earned them to new holders. However they were obtained, the holders of these items are forever Nifty Island Legends.

Legendary Palms

Six tiers of Legendary Palms granted to those who were a part of Nifty Island's genesis. It is said these ancient relics bestow unique powers upon the holder within the metaverse and beyond. Historically, palm holders have been granted new sacred items when they are created. In the past, palm holders were given blades and pistols.

Sacred Items

Weapons and relics from Nifty Island's genesis.

10,000 Legendary Pistols were created by the master gunsmith on a remote island in the metaverse, 10 of which he honored as relics. Each pistol is uniquely crafted and includes an image, a video, and a 3D model. These pistols were distributed to some of Nifty Island’s founding community members.

The Legendary Pistols are among the very first game-ready weapon collections in the metaverse. As the library of game’s built on top of Nifty Island grows, pistols will play an important role in many of them. These pistols are an accessory and vital tool for players battling in the metaverse.