Within the vast realms of the digital universe, certain treasures are reserved for a select group of pioneers: the Legendary Items of Nifty Island. Legendary Items are more than just artifacts; they grant exclusive perks, unparalleled experiences, and the coveted title of Nifty Island Legend.

Legendary Palms

Forged in the genesis of Nifty Island, Legendary Palms exist across six distinct tiers — from the foundational Iron Palms to the elusive Ultra Palms. Their finite supply establishes them as the pinnacle artifacts of Nifty Island, never sold but earned through dedicated gameplay and active participation. Owning these relics unlocks powers and perks within Nifty Island and beyond. Historically, Palm Holders have been granted newly minted Legendary Items upon their creation, including Legendary Pistols and Ultra Blades. Additionally, Palm Holders are granted exclusive membership to PalmDAO, a community of creators and collectors dedicated to transforming the best NFTs into game-ready assets. As Nifty Island continues to expand, Palm Holders will be at the forefront of uncovering rich lore and new adventures.

509 / 2000

Iron Palm

The first Legendary Palm. It is said that the Iron Palm bestows the power of the metaverse upon the holder.

102 / 1000

Bronze Palm

The bronze palm was granted to the many who answered the call of the Legendary Palms in some small way. It gives off an insistent vibrating energy.

77 / 500

Silver Palm

The noble silver palm is reserved for minor heroes in Nifty Island's story. Its metallic shine can be seen for miles throughout cyberspace.

72 / 250

Gold Palm

The Gold Palm belongs to true heroes that spurred on Nifty Island's genesis. To hold a Gold Palm is to possess immutable on-chain honor for all of time.

6 / 50

Neon Palm

The Neon Palm gives off an almost overwhelming level of energy. Holders of this palm are fierce metaverse warriors, nearly unrivaled in ability and commitment to Nifty Island.

4 / 10

Ultra Palm

Unrivaled, seemingly limitless energy emanates from this palm. Any description of its holders would fail to do them justice. The Ultra Palm is the ultimate and most powerful artifact from Nifty Island's genesis.

Ultra Blades

Carved from the mystic Ultra Palms, Ultra Blades are a symbol of protection and mastery. Each Ultra Blade is accompanied by a Blade Ticket, which can be burned for a real blade in our physical world. Ultra Blades are Nifty Island's inaugural weapon NFTs, and were gifted to a select group of Palm Holders. Having sworn to protect and uphold the values of Nifty Island, they were bestowed these blades, enhancing their presence and power within Nifty Island's dynamic arenas. Ultra Blade Holders should remain poised, as the journey with Ultra Blades promises to unveil more enchanting surprises.

Ultra Blade

A sacred weapon forged from an ultra palm. The metaverse rōnin who wield them are the guardians of the metaverse.

Ultra Blade Ticket

A blade ticket, which can be burned for a physical blade in the analog world.

Legendary Pistols

On a remote island, a master gunsmith forged 10,000 Legendary Pistols, 10 of which we honored as relics. Each Legendary Pistol is uniquely designed, and features an image, video, and detailed 3D model. Gifted initially to Nifty Island's early community members, Legendary Pistols are among the first game-ready weapon collections primed for digital adventures. As the library of games built on Nifty Island expands, Legendary Pistols will not only play an important role as a coveted accessory for players battling for rewards, but they also hold the promise of more astonishing revelations ahead.


Community Totems

Nifty Island is a world comprised of web3's greatest communities. These Totems were given to the DAOs, protocols, NFT projects, and gaming communities that were brave enough to help settle this new game world at its inception. Contact us on Discord for more collaboration inquiries.